Choose the right learning tower for you

Montessori learning tower, also known as kitchen helper, is a kind of kitchen stool with safety function, which is a children's furniture highly praised in Montessori teaching method. Learning towers enable young children and preschoolers to participate in family activities, such as cooking and cleaning, to encourage interaction between children and parents, while promoting children's acquisition of real-life skills and experiences, and helping young children develop their independence.

This time we will introduce several different learning towers to help you make the right choice for your child.

Montessori s Adjustable Height High Quality Multiple Colors Wooden Learning Tower

This learning tower is equipped with a safety bar on the back and a small opening on the side to minimize the possibility of children falling. Children can also ensure safety when playing. With the growth of children, the pedal can freely adjust the height to adapt to the height of children, always accompany your child to grow.

Height Kitchen Kids Adjustable Step Stool For Children

This learning tower, with open holes on both sides, is convenient for children to climb in and out freely, so it is not suitable for children who just can stand. The difference between this learning tower and other products is that it can be folded and stored to reduce the occupation of space. If your child has been able to stand on his own skillfully, and the use of space in your home is relatively tight, then this learning tower is a good choice.

Height adjustable Montessori learning tower with blackboard

The height of this learning tower can be adjusted with the growth of children, and the safety bar on the back is replaced by a whole blackboard, and a whole board is used on both sides to increase safety, so children can freely create on the blackboard.

Montessori folding multifunctional wooden cat learning tower

This learning tower not only has traditional functions, but also can be folded to get a small table suitable for your children, so that your children can sit down and do what they want to do. The disadvantage is that this learning tower can't adjust its height freely.

We introduced some common learning towers, hoping to help you make the right choice and help children grow up healthily and happily.

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