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Updated: Jun 23

In the previous article, we mentioned that a ready environment is the foundation of Montessori education, in which children learn and grow freely and spontaneously through teaching aids. So the question is, what kind of environment and teaching aids should we prepare? 

Maria Montessori observed four distinct periods in human development and divided them into four distinct phases, each of which had different characteristics, based on which different educational methods were applied at each stage.

The Maria Montessori observed four different stages of human development and divided them into four different stages, each with different characteristics, based on which different educational methods were applied at each stage.

Stage 1: 0-3 years old

This stage is the core of a child’s development of personality, social skills, and human values. It helps children acquire language and develop a sense of belonging and independence. In this stage of sensory children explore the world to learn tools, so this stage we should be from the visual, auditory, tactile, and other aspects of sensory experience to promote nervous system development. We can prepare an activity mat, as a child will climb before the main activity venue, with some hanging pendant, which can promote the development of vision without excessive stimulation.

Baby fitness frame and activity mat

To promote the development of the sense of touch, we can provide a large number of grip for the supplies, but also can exercise the hand strength of children.

Colorful wooden baby rattle

When a child learns to walk, we can prepare a handrail that does not easily fall over, helping him to stand up and walk on his own. A low mirror can also be installed around him to allow the child to observe his movements and to establish a relationship between the body’s visual range and the different movements in the mirror.

Stage 2: 3-6 years old

Three-year-olds have already laid the foundation for their personalities, and this is the stage where you can begin to develop their abilities. You can send your child to a specialized Montessori school, also known as a “Children’s home.”. Here children learn through independent activities that support self-efficacy, developing focus, independence, social skills, concepts of basic knowledge, and so on.

Life Training: cleaning kit

At this stage, we can prepare life training toys to help children develop independence and social skills, while sensory toys to improve sensory perception still need to be prepared. In addition, at this stage, we will prepare teaching aids to help children understand basic concepts such as mathematics, geography, music, biology, science, history, and art.

Decimal drill

For example, These materials and activities are designed to support children’s self-exploration and learning and to help children become well-adjusted people, and are therefore well suited to this stage of development.

In this article, we’ve introduced some of the key points of early childhood education. In the next article, we’ll look at what children of other ages need to pay attention to.

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