Use the climbing frame with multiple accessories to give children a happy childhood

Children are hyperactive, and few children don't like climbing. Climbing frames have other benefits besides pure fun for children - using them can help develop balance, strength and motor skills, which is why you often find them in nurseries and school playgrounds.

Today, we introduce a very popular wooden climbing toy. This wooden climbing frame is designed according to the children's psychological research and development, and has been upgraded to children's better game experience for many times. The main materials are made of pine and thickened. The secondary fixation is made with traditional structure, which is more environmentally friendly and safer. The main frame only covers an area of 1.4 square meters, with the size of 120 * 110 * 110cm.

This climbing frame can also be used with other toys to form the best wooden climbing toy playground!

What do our accessories include? Look at these photos - you'll have all of them:

-Wooden ladder, wooden seesaw (swing), wooden slide and slide, jungle gym (climbing net), monkey bar, wooden Gymnastic Rings!

In addition, you can customize a set of games for your children and add other moving parts, such as rope ladders, bungee jumping, climbing walls and other toys.

Of course, you need to pay attention to safety when using the climbing frame. Please pay attention to building a "safe area" around the climbing frame to prevent falling and so on

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