What is the Pickler triangle

Updated: May 27

Any parent who knows Montessori or Waldorf for their young children will probably see many recommendations about the Pickler triangle. The Pickler triangle was invented by Hungarian pediatrician Dr. Amy Pickler more than 100 years ago and has been widely praised by early childhood educators for more than 100 years.

Simply put, the Pickler triangle is a kind of amusement equipment. Its shape is a solid wooden triangle, which looks like a simple climbing frame. Compared with the traditional climbing frame equipped with slides and swings and other accessories, the Pickler Triangle is more suitable for children from six months to four or five years old. It is based on children’s education and provides furniture for education and entertainment activities to encourage children. We practice their rough motor skills, so that children can move freely, learn and realize the limits of the body at their own speed.

Usually the Pickler triangle is less than one meter from the ground, so that babies and toddlers can climb as high as they want, and put a toddler on the high playground to let it move freely and wait for him to move. Compared with falling from the platform, the Pickler triangle gives children a suitable place to climb, without increasing the risk of falling, so that children can climb and play in an appropriate way, and promote their body's self-awareness. Space awareness, strong limbs exercise balance ability.

Of course, children's activities inevitably have some safety problems, so we can build a safe climbing environment for children. For example, laying soft ground, removing sharp and fragile objects around the entertainment environment, choosing climbing toys of appropriate height, and adjusting them so as not to exceed the children's own limits. The most important thing is not to forget the supervision of parents. Children's independent play is not that parents do not supervise, but that parents act as observers during children's play and do not provide clear guidance. Unsupervised game time is very dangerous.

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