Why prepare a learning tower for your children

If you have a child, when the toddler is old enough to walk, they want to be carried around and touch the things they can touch. You can accompany your child to explore the world in the daily trivia and practical activities of the day. Of course, this process is busy and hard.

At this time, I suggest you use the Montessori learning tower. Learning towers are also known as Kitchen helpers, kitchen towers or Montessori stools. In short, the learning tower is a ladder stool with additional safety functions, enabling young children and preschool children to participate in family activities such as cooking and cleaning, to encourage interaction between children and parents, and to promote children's acquisition of skills and experience in real life. A typical baby learning tower has a raised platform, a ladder stool and a safety rail at the top of the stairs. The wide base and safety rail enable children to stand on the workbench of any height smoothly.

Montessori teaching method recommends that children use the learning tower. It can support and adapt to children's instinct to do things independently, help children develop their independence, and enable them to observe and participate in part of daily life activities. Every toddler is different. One of the advantages of the learning tower is that it is not a one size fits all stool. It can adapt to the needs of children at different stages and accompany your children to grow up together.

If you happen to have enough space in your kitchen and are looking for durable furniture that can grow up with your children for many years, the learning tower is an excellent choice.

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